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Will you ship overseas?

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As the buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping, it is up to the buyer whether or not they want to make arrangements and accept having equipment shipped …

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How do favorites work?

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Favorites are set up so you can keep an eye on listings you are interested in but may not be just ready to commit to. To add a listing to …

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What are your fees?

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Fees to Sellers We charge the following listing fees on an annual subscription basis: Self Listings – $49.99 per listing per year + tax Concierge Listings – $99.99 per listing …

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How do I file a complaint?

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If your equipment arrives in a condition not represented by the listing, you can file a complaint by going to the listing (Dashboard > Purchases > Listing) and clicking “file …

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What happens if my equipment is damaged?

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We strongly encourage you to take out shipping insurance for your purchase as damage is most likely to happen in transit.  If your equipment arrives damaged, you should first check …

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Will I get charged tax?

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We are required to charge sales tax on shipments that originate in Nevada.  Otherwise, the buyer is responsible for submitting sales tax to the relevant authorities in their jurisdiction.

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Can I finance purchases?

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We offer financing options through Contain Inc. To easily explore your financing options: Click on the listing you are interested in receiving financing for On the product page , Click …

What payment methods are accepted?

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Any item totaling $5,000 or less, can be purchased with any valid credit or debit card. If you face any transaction issues with your debit or credit card, please consult …

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How to Buy

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HOW TO BUYBuyers have two options to purchase Equipment: 1 Make an Offer Click the “make an offer” button on the listing page. Fill out the prompted “Make an Offer” …