How to Buy

Buyers have two options to purchase Equipment:
1 Make an Offer
  1. Click the "make an offer" button on the listing page.
  2. Fill out the prompted "Make an Offer" form with the necessary information for the seller's decision.
  3. Equipped will send your offer to the seller, who has 5 calendar days to accept or reject it.
  4. If accepted, you will enter a legal contract and have 5 calendar days to complete the transaction after receiving an invoice via email from Equipped.
  5. If rejected, no worries, you can make additional offers anytime.
2 Buy at Listing Price
  1. Ensure all of your product questions are answered.
  2. Click the "Buy Now" button when ready to purchase the equipment.
  3. If the purchase is under $5,000, make an immediate purchase using a credit card.
  4. If the purchase is over $5,000, receive an email from the Equipped team with a secure link to pay via ACH or wire at Square.
Graphic of How to Buy on Equipped

Last Modified: August 2, 2023