How to Buy From Equipped

Buy used indoor farm equipment without breaking the bank, Drama-free

Here's how:


Easily navigate through listings to find the perfect equipment for your indoor farm. Use the search bar to find something specific or browse all equipment using filters that better suit your search.

Find Container farms, growing systems, lighting, propagation equipment and plenty more at the tip of your fingers.


Explore the listing page to get familiar with the equipment specifications, condition, warranty information, manufacturer information, and any other equipment information to help you make the best purchasing decision.

If you have more questions about the equipment, feel free to ask the seller questions by clicking on the “Ask A Question” tab next to “Product Details.


Use the 'make an offer' button to negotiate a price with the seller or add directly to your cart and buy immediately.

Find Shipping. 

Buyers are responsible for shipping fees and making shipment arrangements for the seller to send all sold equipment. To make life easier click the 'shipping' button to get shipping quotes from shipping experts we work with, or feel free to use your own shipping options.


Expect your new equipment to arrive and once it does unpack, inspect, and verify it has arrived as expected within 48 hours of delivery.

Now you are ready to get Farming!

To find more information on the buying and shipping process, and more about how equipped works, don’t hesitate to check out our support center.

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