How to Sell

Sell your used indoor farm equipment, drama-free

Here's how:

List. Showcase your equipment to our global network to find the best buyer. Take some photos, or even better, videos of your equipment and give us all the details like usage, equipment age, specs, and anything else that might be relevant for an interested buyer.

Sell. Name your price by choosing to sell without the wiggle room with a set price or by using our offer system to negotiate a little.

Ship. Package up your equipment and keep an eye out for shipping details and information from the buyer to cooperate on getting the equipment sent, as buyers are responsible for handling shipping fees and arrangements.

Get paid. Once the equipment has been delivered to the buyer, expect your funds to arrive in your Stripe account in around 48 hours*.

To find more information on the selling and shipping process, and more about how equipped works, don’t hesitate to check out our support center.

*The payment arrival can vary as buyers have a window to verify equipment has arrived as expected and the outcome of this process could delay payment in some cases.

Check out this video for more!