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Da Ros Seeder LR 600

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Da Ros Seeder LR 600Asking Price: $75000 (1 in stock)About this item: This industrial sowing machine is an excellent choice for large scale operations looking to automate their seeding process. …

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Intravision Spectra Blade (Single-Sided, Spectra B)

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Intravision Spectra Blade (Single-Sided, Spectra B)Asking Price: $50About this item: The Intravision Spectra Blade is a high powered LED solution ideal for indoor growing. We received these lights new, and …

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Modular Farms Container Farm

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Modular Farms Container FarmAsking Price: $79000 (1 in stock)About this item: This 10 x 40 ft container comes complete with the following: Zip Grow towers (240 towers with corresponding emitters), …

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Bluezone Air Purifier

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Bluezone Air PurifierAsking Price: $3200 (12 in stock)About this item: The Bluezone Air Purifier model 420 uses military grade air purification technology to kill contaminants while maintaining product quality. Each …

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YML-WJY400 Induction Lights

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YML-WJY400 Induction LightsAsking Price: $200 (400 in stock)About this item: Identical induction lights available, each comes with the 400W bulb, ballast, and a clear plastic enclosure. These induction lights have …

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GE Current Arize Element L1000

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GE Current Arize Element L1000Asking Price: $600 (2 in stock)About this item: The Arize Element L1000 is a high powered indoor LED light ideal for farmers with a small scale …